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  • Re-Imagine Your Life

    Tired of being tired, anxious, or in pain? Unsure about how to best handle an ongoing health condition? Try something new. Join a self-management workshop and discover fresh, practical ways to live better and healthier.

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  • Re-Build Connections

    Dealing with a health condition can be hard, but you don’t have to go it alone. Guided by trained leaders who are facing similar challenges with their health, a self-management workshop lets you learn the way you want to. And you join a safe, supportive group of people with health challenges—some like yours—to share and solve problems together.

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  • Re-Take Control

    During the last 20 years, thousands of people have taken the life-changing chronic disease self-management workshop. It’s time-tested, developed at Stanford University. Online or in your community, it’s a proven, six-week way to get a handle on your health condition and feel better.

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  • Re-Discover Living

    One of the worst parts of an ongoing health condition is what you give up. Time with friends and family. Little things like going for a walk. Bigger things like attending your granddaughter’s wedding. Self-management is a tool that can help you reduce your pain, anxiety, and tiredness and help you put life back into your life.

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  • Re-Think Possibilities

    Knowledge is power. A little know-how can start you down the road to getting a handle on your health problems. A workshop can help, but just finding good information is a step in the right direction.

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Do You Have Diabetes?

There's a special online workshop just for you.

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“Now I have [self-management skills], and it's changed my whole life. It’s the best program I’ve seen in years, and I have been looking for some time.”

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