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Find a Workshop

Workshops are available in person and on the web. No matter which one you choose, you’ll find a safe, supportive group of people with ongoing health conditions like yours who want to share and solve problems together.

In-Person Workshop

In-person workshops may be offered in your community at a senior center, health center, library, or church. These workshops meet once a week for six weeks at the same day and time.

If you enjoy face-to-face group meetings and can get to the workshop setting at the specified time each week for six weeks, the in-person option may be right for you.

Online Workshop

Online workshops let you choose the days
and times that are most convenient for you. You simply log on when you want to for
one-two hours a week for six consecutive weeks.

If you enjoy interacting with people on the web, want to remain anonymous, or would like to participate at any time of day or night, an online workshop may be right for you.

Not sure which workshop is right for you? Click here to answer a few questions that can help you find the workshop experience that’s right for you.